Season 2017 is over! Congratulations and thank you!

Division 1 (15-17 y.0.)


Winner: Rossoneri (Italy)
Beverly Hills Diner (Latvia)
The Moscow Times (India)
Gran Fondo (Armenia)

Division 2 (12-14 y.o.)


Winner: Yoga Journal (Ireland)
Prime Traveller (Spain)
Allianz (Germany)
Beverly Hills Diner (India)
The Moscow Times (Russia)
Expat Salon (Holland)
X-Fit (Italy)
Korsa Kids (France)

Division 3 (10-11 y.o.)


Winner: AGCO-RM (Russia)
FC SM (Portugal)
Pepsi (Iceland)
Knauf (Germany)
Beverly Hills Diner (Northern Ireland)
The Moscow Times (France)

Division 4 (8-9 y.o.)


Winner: FCBEscola
Eagle Burgmann (Germany)
Hamleys (Chile)
Belfast Bulls (Austria)
KPAM (Russia) & Oblomov (England)

Division 5 (5-7 y.o.)


Winner: Moscow Expat Life (Wales)
Selgros (Germany)
RBC (Cameroon)
Beverly Hills Diner (Scotland)
Gran Fondo (Russia)